Excerpt at Vanity Fair: How Did This Happen?

Edward M. Kennedy had power, fame, and money, and looked the part in his formfitting suit, big-knotted wide tie, and full head of wavy, flamboyant hair. Dark cuff links dotted his wrists. But his face was drawn in on itself. His mouth was closed and slack. His brow was furrowed, pushing down on his eyes, which were half shut and held dark shadows in their recesses. All the lines on his 46-year-old face—the dimples, the cheekbones—pointed dramatically toward the center of his anxiety and melancholy: his inaccessible, heavy-lidded eyes.

Teddy was now 46, the same age that J.F.K. had been in the year of his death. But Jack had been elected president of the United States for three years by that age. Teddy had been a U.S. senator for 16 years, but if he had any plans of following in his brother’s footsteps, the clock was ticking. He stood silently, holding a rose.

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Jon Ward