Jon Ward
Jon Ward

My NPR Interview Got Personal

I spoke with National Public Radio’s Rachel Martin about Testimony. The transcript is at this link. Here’s a small sample:

Being an evangelical Christian in America today is both a religious and a political identity. Jon Ward grew up in that world, then broke away.
RACHEL MARTIN, BYLINE: How’s it feel to have this out in the world?
JON WARD: It’s a little scary.
FADEL: Our colleague Rachel Martin spoke with the Yahoo News chief national correspondent about his memoir out today.
MARTIN: When you read this book, you kind of can’t ignore the emotional pain that comes through these pages. What was the process like for you to get into the right headspace?
WARD: It was cathartic, actually. There was a lot of emotion bottled up that I think was released in the process of writing it. I think it’s just scary to make myself so vulnerable in a public way like this.

The full transcript is at NPR, along with audio of this conversation. It’s about a 7‑minute segment that was edited down from a longer conversation. I am told longer portions of the interview will air in the coming weeks.